About Advantage Pickleball Gloves

Getting the most out of your game is the edge every player seeks.

When we started producing and marketing Advantage PIckleball Gloves, our patented tennis glove’s philosophy and its commitment to quality provided the foundation for the new pickleball glove. Both gloves are designed to meet the needs of our players, offering patented design features, reliability, comfort, reliability and popularity.

In the years since we began producing and marketing the patented ATG Tennis Gloves, we have had only 11 gloves returned because of structural flaws. And each and every time, the owner of the returned glove asked for a replacement glove, refusing their money back. We stand behind our product and so do the players who buy and use our gloves.

We offer the same quality of product and satisfaction guarantee with our Pickleball Gloves.

The Advantage Pickleball Glove is crafted with the highest quality materials plus our patented design features. Our seamless palm improves the grip while protecting against blisters. The mesh back offers complete ventilation, minimizing sweaty palms, while limiting exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays and a wider terry-cloth wristband keeps perspiration from reaching the palm and maintains a tighter (second skin) fit each insuring a better grip.